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Case Files

Explore the case files taken from the records of the Department of Forensic Medicine and Science at the University of Glasgow and examine documents and photographs from some of the famous cases investigated by the forensic staff in the department.

Case against Oscar Slater: Murder of Marion Gilchrist (1908-1909), Glasgow
Case against William and Helen Harkness: Murder of Elizabeth Benjamin, Whiteinch Murder (1922), Glasgow
Case against John Donald Merrett: Murder of Bertha Milner or Merrett (1926-1927), Edinburgh
Case against John Keen, Robert Fletcher, William Dayer, and John McCormack: Assault and Murder of Norrh Mohammed (1924-1925), Port Dundas, Glasgow
Case against John Newell and Susan Newell: Murder of John Johnstone, Go-Cart Tragedy, Coatbridge Murder (1923), Glasgow
Case against Charles Boyle: Maryhill Triple Murder (1924), Glasgow
Case against John Mitchell Henderson: Kirkintilloch Murder (1924-1925), Glasgow
Case against Dr Buck Ruxton: Murder of Isabella Ruxton and Mary Rogerson (1935), Lancaster, Moffat

The case files display a range of forensic techniques developed over the fifty years represented in the files.

Evidence of Finger-prints

The Medico-Legal Application of the Serological or Precipitin Blood Test
The Medico-Legal Examination of Hairs and Fibres