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UK Forensic Archival Sources: Edinburgh

National Archives of Scotland

  • Ref. JC: Records of the High Court of Justiciary
  • Ref. AD: Records of the Lord Advocate's Department

These fonds contain trial papers, appeal papers, case files, and productions in the cases heard at the High Courts. For specific references, refer to the case files

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections and Archives

  • Refs. GB 0237 Dc.3.96; Dc.7.118; Dc.10.17; Dc.8.157-158; Dk.3.50-51; Dk.5.2, pp.139-163; Dk.7.48; Gen. 56D; Gen. 553D, pp.1-104; Gen. 744D; Gen. 779-780D; Gen. 784/9/9; La.II.82; La.III.353: Papers of Professor Andrew Duncan, Senior (1744-1828)
  • Refs. Dc.1.90; Gen. 61-66: Papers of Professor Andrew Duncan, Junior (1773-1832)
  • Refs. Dc.3.108.Dc.3.110:Dk.4.56-57: Papers of Professor Sir Robert Christison (1797-1882)
  • Refs. Dc.4.104/3, f.50; Dk.3.41; Dk.5.39; Gen. 1378; E94.82: Lectures of Sir Henry Duncan Littlejohn (1828-1914), Professor of Medical Jurisprudence
  • Ref. Da.50: Lectures, Notes, Case books, photographic albums and loose papers of Professor Henry Harvey Littlejohn (1862-1927)
  • Refs. Gen. 1412-1415; Gen. 1914; Dk.3.25-26; Dc.7.137, Dc.4.95/10, f.5; Dk.3.22; Gen. 553D, pp.1-104; Gen. 560D; Gen. 1411; Gen. 2133D; Gen. 2196D Dc.3.110; Gen. 129/2-4; Gen. 1999/1/33; Gen. 1730/1 Alison; E89.80: Lectures and Notes of Professor Sir Douglas Maclagan (1812-1900)
  • Refs. E89.80., Dc.3.110: Papers of William Pulteney Alison (1790-1859), medical practitioner
  • Refs. Dk.6.24., Papers of Professor James Couper Brash (1886-1958) (history of anatomy and on the three Munros); Collection of Photographs relating to Rex v. Ruxton 1935, Ref. E91.13.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Edinburgh

  • Sir Sydney Alfred Smith Smith, subject files, cases A-Z, 1865 to 1960, subject files, cases 1916 to 1927