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UK Forensic Archival Sources: London

Royal London Hospital

  • Ref. GB 0387 PP/SPI: Forensic medicine microscopic slides of Sir Bernard Spilsbury (1877-1947) Knight, Pathologist
    From [1900]-1930, relating to the Crippen murder 1910, Siddon case 1912, 'Brides in the Bath' murders 1915, and Mahon case 1924
  • Ref. GB 0387 MC/FM: Records of the Forensic Medicine Department, 1936-[1980]
    Contains papers of Professor Francis Camps, namely volumes of post mortem examination reports and related papers for autopsies performed by Professor Camps, 1936-1964; analysis of post mortems, 1957-1960; registers of specimen analysis, 1964-1977; research papers relating to pressure on the neck, 1943-1955; drowning, 1950-1956; carbon monoxide poisoning, 1955-1956; fatal accidents analysis papers, 1947-1949; notes on infant deaths, 1948-1949; papers relating to the Christie case, 1953, with press cuttings, 1965; Dove case, 1954-1955; the case of Steven Truscott, convicted of murder, Canada, 1966; infanticide and 'battered baby syndrome', [1950s-1960s]; papers relating to a report on battered babies, including draft report to the Minister of Health on sudden deaths in infants, 1964; head injuries, 1953-1958; lectures and papers for London Hospital postgraduate courses, 1956-1957; papers relating to cot deaths, including research on Gurkha infants, 1957-1961, correspondence, 1963-1971; papers relating to drug dependency, 1968; tests for alcoholic intoxication, 1968-1970; the investigation of murder, by Professor Camps, 1965-1966; files relating to cases involving Professor Camps and other Departmental staff, 1948-[1960s]; papers of departmental staff relating to Le process de Duisberg concerning the Emmett Dunn case, [1950s]; papers concerning gunshot wounds, [1950s]; thalium poisoning, [1950s]; papers of Professor Camps concerning the doctor, coroner and police, [1950s]; papers concerning alcohol and road accidents, [1950s]; chrome poisoning, [1950s]; private papers of Professor Camps, comprising press cuttings, 1965-1966; photographs of Camps, [1960s]; papers relating to his house, [1960s]; glass negatives and glass lantern slides of Professor Camps of injuries and microscopic images, [1930-1965]; 35mm slides of J Malcolm Cameron of injuries and microscopic images, [1965-1980]; photograph albums of Sir William Bentley Purchase [and Professor Camps], containing scenes of violent and sudden deaths, used for teaching purposes, [1930-1965]

Kings College London, College Archives

  • Ref. GB 0100 KCLCA KH/Misc1: Manuscript volume entitled 'Abnormalities of Development', comprising anatomical notes on a variety of foetal defects including Siamese twins, limb malformation, malformations of the blood vascular system and cyclopia, [1871-1917]
  • Ref. GB 0100 G/PP1/35: Taylor, Swaine, Alfred (1806-1880) Professor of medical jurisprudence, Guy's Hospital, London, 1831-1877. Lecture notes on medical jurisprudence by Alfred Swaine Taylor, [1865]. See also

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, London

  • Ref. GB 0113 MS-BALYW: Baly, William (1814-1861) Lecturer in forensic medicine at St Bartholomew's Hospital from 1841, Correspondence and papers
  • Ref. GB 0113 MS-SNOWJ: Snow, John (1813-1858) Anaesthetist and epidemiologist. From 1845 to 1849 he that he was a lecturer on forensic medicine at the Aldergate Street School of Medicine. Snow's casebooks, 1848-1858
  • Ref. GB 0113 MS-WILLC: Willcox, Sir William Henry (1870-1941), Physician to St Mary's Hospital, London, where he lectured on chemical pathology, forensic medicine and related subjects. Papers of Sir William Henry Willcox, relating to a variety of topics: murder trials, criminal abortion, the use of insulin and the production of table salt.

Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine

  • Ref: GC/185: Papers of Sir William Henry Willcox relating to dietary deficiencies during World War One

Royal Free Hospital Archives Centre

  • Ref. GB 1530 D1: Priory Medical Society, Hampstead Minute books of the Priory Medical Society, Hampstead, 1890-1902, 1910-1926, 1934-1939
    Contains accounts of papers, patients or pathological specimens presented by the members, including Sir Bernard Spilsbury

National Film and Television Archive

  • Holds the following titles on 16mm film: Post-Mortem Technique in a Case of Infanticide, Post-Mortem Technique in a Case of Suspect Criminal Abortion, and Preciptin or Serological texts for Determination Source of Blood, originating from the Department of Forensic Medicine and Science at the University of Glasgow